Stronger With You Oud For Men EDP-100ml(Exclusive Edition)


Stronger With You Oud has keynotes of Amber, Oud, Lavender and Vanilla. This is a new addition to their diverse Stronger With You collection and is exclusively targeting  the Middle East market hence it’s an Exclusive Edition.It has strong and sensual oriental vibes and highlight a woodsy aroma that stays true to oud’s signature scent.Fougere ambery and woody fragrance that reinterprets the sensual signature of STRONGER WITH YOU and infuses it with a powerful, opulent, and woody oud. This precious ingredient blends with mysterious lavender and alluring vanilla for an evocative effect”

The fragrance comes packaged in an all-black bottle with golden stripes wrapped around it as well an all-golden cap, leaving a luxurious noir impression upon first glance.  Adding to the exotic flavour of the perfume, the word “oud” is written in Arabic in the center of the “o” in “you.”